After a 20-year career making TV commercials, I realised I had lost the love of what I was making.

And for a maker the love is everything!

It was time to find a new way to contribute to the world. I enrolled in a three-year furniture making course.

I remember my first class – one woman among a sea of smelly teenage boys.   What was I thinking?  Every week, I kept turning up and pretty soon it all started to make sense. 

Fast forward to now, and I have my own workshop in Brookvale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I make furniture for my design-conscious clients who share my love of a modern, simple, minimalist aesthetic. I also teach woodworking to women in small classes of four. 

I invite you to have a look at my portfolio and if you have a project in mind, I’d love to chat. I also invite you to check out my ‘Courses’ tab to see if there are any classes you might be interested in. I look forward to welcoming you into my workshop.